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Pudhina Fresh on GitHub.

Pudhina Fresh on GitHub.

Getting Started

Settings in _config.yml

This is the file where configurations affecting the whole site live.


title: Pudhina Fresh # Shown in header on pages with full_logo: true
short_logo: P. # Shown in header on all pages by default unless full_logo: true is set
description: > # The description for your site
  A minimal yet feature-rich Jekyll theme made for personal websites and blogs.
url: "https://ritijjain.github.io/pudhina-fresh" # The base hostname & protocol for your site

  name: Ritij Jain
  github: ritijjain/pudhina-fresh # GitHub username, used for GitHub icon on the top right
  linkedin: ritijjain # Your LinkedIn profile url name, used for LinkedIn icon on the top right
  email: example@example.com # Used for email icon on the top right
  homepage: https://ritijjain.com # This links to your name in post meta
  twitter: # Twitter username, used for Twitter Card Analytics

disqus_name: # Setting this will turn on Disqus comments
g_track_id: # Google Analytics tracking ID (e.g. UA-000000-2), setting this will turn on Google Analytics
rss: false # RSS feed icon on or off
dark_mode: true # Dark mode icon
project_card_style: modal # Choose from masonry, modal, and flat



# Required front matter
layout: post # Posts should use the post layout
title: Content Styles # Post title
date: 2021-02-04 # Publish date in YYYY-MM-DD format

# Recommended front matter
tags: [tag2, tag4] # A list of tags
splash_img_source: /assets/img/photo-1556075798-4825dfaaf498.jpeg # Splash image source, high resolution images with an aspect ratio close to 4:3 recommended
splash_img_caption: A sample splash image with a sample caption. Image by <a href="https://unsplash.com/@yancymin">Yancy Min</a> on Unsplash. # Splash image caption

# Optional front matter
updated: 2021-02-05 # Updated date in YYYY-MM-DD format
  name: Some Guest Author # Author name, if not provided defaults to site.author.name
  homepage: http://example.com # Author link, if not provided defaults to site.author.homepage
pin: false # true if this post must be pinned on top of the page, default is false.
listed: true # false if this post must NOT be included on the posts page, sitemap, and any of the tag pages, default is true
index: true # When false, <meta name="robots" content="noindex"> is added to the page, default is true



- name: Project One # Project name, also used as heading
  id: p1 # Project id, must be unique amongst the projects
  img_src: /assets/img/connectpie-page.png # Optional image
  description_less: > # Description shown at all times
    <p>This part of the project description is visible at all times.</p> 
  description_more: > # Description shown only when the project card is expanded
    <p>This part is only seen when you click on the project card.</p> 

    <a href="#" target="_blank" class="btn btn-dark mb-1"><i class="fas fa-code-branch"></i> &nbsp Repository</a>
    <a href="#" target="_blank" class="btn btn-dark mb-1"><i class="fas fa-align-right"></i> &nbsp Blog Post</a>

  tags: [tag1, tag2] # A list of tags

Tags and Tag Pages

pages/tags/<tag name>

title: "Tag: tag1" # This is the page title, could be anything of your choosing
subtitle: "Posts and projects filtered by tag: tag1." # This is the page subtitle, could be anything of your choosing
permalink: /tags/tag1 # This is the page permalink, this should be exactly in this format: /tags/<tag name>
tag: tag1 # Tag name should be consistent across tag page, posts, and projects
tag_style: rgba( 144, 106, 207, 100%) # Tag background color, recommended to use RGBA value

Redirect Pages


permalink: /roll # redirect origin link
redirect_link: "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ" # redirect destination link

Change the content on the footer in _includes/page/about.html.

Markdown Components

Refer to markdown guide basic syntax to learn how to render elements using markdown. It is also possible to directly include HTML components in markdown files.


Jekyll sites are just like any other static websites.

GitHub Pages and Netlify are popular options. Both have a free tier of service.


Current development status is active. If resources allow, fixes will be made as soon as they are found and features will be added as soon as they are deemed fit. Feel free to contribute to Pudhian Fresh by opening a pull request on GitHub.

Questions and Comments

Feel free to open a new issue on GitHub for questions and comments regarding Pudhina Fresh theme.

Pudhina Fresh theme for Jekyll.